hi i'm julia running. im going to community college then culinary school. I'm in paris!


okay can we just one last thing

spreading the idea that one is only triggered when having a full blown, system-shut-down panic attack is damaging and delegitimizing to people who have physiologically and emotionally different reactions to triggers.

like slow burning, long lasting unease and fear.

that’s a trigger reaction too.

please stop.

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Anonymous said: I get more concerned about people thoughtlessly having children than people thoughtlessly getting abortions. Both deserve serious consideration, but I'd bet my back teeth people having terminations have given more serious thought to outcomes than people who get starry-eyed about having a kid when perhaps they aren't in a good position to bring a kid into and up in this world. Not that I'd ever deny anyone's right to have a kid if they wanted to, on my judgement of their situation.



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